How To Winterize Sprinkler System With Well

All you have to do to drain these systems is to shut off the water supply and open all the valves. Set the automatic irrigation controller to the “rain” setting.

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Simply shut off the main water supply to your system and open the drain valves at the end of each zone.

How to winterize sprinkler system with well. Draining sprinklers on a slope. It could be close to your water meter. Turn off the water to the irrigation system at the main valve.

Turn on each of the valves to release pressure in the pipes. But to keep that irrigation system running smooth a long time, you have to winterize it as the weather gets colder and colder in many parts of the country. Recommendations for blowing out an irrigation system.

Keeping the sprinkler on for about 2 minutes in each zone should allow for all the water to be pushed out. As a first step to winterizing your lawn sprinkler system, you should shut your system down. First is the manual drain method.

Simply turn off the irrigation system’s water supply. There are a few ways to winterize your sprinkler system to prevent cracks or other damage to your pipes. Use this method when you have manual valves located at the end and low points of all your piping.

This involves turning off the main source of water, explains brandon haley , cgm, a landscape expert and grounds manager, and is considered an extremely important task—especially since homeowners want to avoid costly damage caused by frozen or. The basic gist of winterizing a sprinkler system is that you have to tilt the sprinkler heads a certain direction and blow out any extra water that could be pooling inside the system. When water freezes it expands.

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The insulation would take care of most weather cases and not extreme cold temperatures that might freeze water and cause the pipes to burst. For homeowners that live in temperate climates with vary limited days that dip below freezing you may be able to simply open up a manual drain valve and release part of the water in the system. Blowing out a sprinkler system can be dangerous, and all necessary safety precautions must be taken, including:

If you have a deep well, there is less threat for the water pump to. The key to a sprinkler system that is winterized and ready for the cold weather is just simple insulation around your pipes and draining your sprinkler system from any remainder of the water inside. The steps presented here are generic to most systems, but you want to see whether you need to take any specific actions for your sprinklers.

From there, the sprinklers are left tilted and. Start the system timer and you should see the sprinkler heads pop up and spray the water inside the sprinkler lines out. Depending on your climate your winterization plans may vary slightly for your irrigation system.

If you’re a diy’er, you’ll need an air compressor that’s able to put out the right air volume and pressure at the same time. As the ice looks for more room to expand it cracks the casing of your pump and damages the system. Turn on the air compressor and let the air tank fill up.

Turn off any backflow preventers or check valves you have (you should have two in your green irrigation system box). Subsequently, one may also ask, how do you winterize a sprinkler system with a well? Use an air compressor to blow out the discharge and suction lines in your irrigation, sprinkler, jet, pond, fountain, or any other submersible well pump system.

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This is first done by turning off the water source to the system at the main water valve. Most people will use pressurized air. A sprinkler system helps beautify your lawn and garden.

Fortunately, the first step is simple: Winterizing your water well pump prevents the pump from freezing. You'll also need an air hose with the proper air fitting connectors.

Not all systems need to have the water blown out of them. The blowout method is usually the easiest and most efficient way to winterize a sprinkler pump system. Forcing air through the valves, pipes and sprinkler heads completely rids the system of water.

Blowing out your sprinklers is the act of winterizing your outdoor or garden irrigation system. After turning off the water supply to the system, then shut down the. Most lawn sprinkler developers recommend the air blow out system to winterize an irrigation system.

Turn off the main water supply and the sprinkler system’s timer. You can winterize a sprinkler system without an air compressor if all of your irrigation lines are buried at a slight downhill slope. As the temperatures start to dip below freezing at night, as a water well owner your should plan to winterize your water well pumps.

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