How To Use A Ridgid Toilet Auger

Even though toilet augers look like a tricky device, they’re easy to use. Keeping your gloves on, disinfect the auger by submerging it in a bucket with water and cleaning solution.

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Optional drill attachment to power through toilet obstructions.

How to use a ridgid toilet auger. The ridgid manual toilet auger is a 3 ft version of the editor’s choice 6 foot ridgid. Toilet augers are great because they do double duty. This action is done through the use of a flexible, metal snake that is unwound from the guide tube, allowing it to move further down through the toilet drain.

Stop spending a ton of cash on plumbers and get yourself this toilet auger. First, place the auger right up against the pipe in the bowl. That won't work in the winter and i would assume the pros have a faster, easier method?

Then, push the auger as far as it will go. Various versions of the auger are available with fixed or interchangeable heads. Keep the auger’s screw taut before continuing.

If it stops, you’ve either hit your clog or the bends in the toilet. Pull the crank handle to retract the cable into the guide tube and carefully insert the guide tube into the toilet drain. A toilet auger is a specialized tool designed to snake down through the twists in the toilet drain to reach blockages and move them out of position.

If you’ve got shallow clogs to work out of your toilet, and you’re on a budget, this quality built auger will impress you. Follow up with lots of paper to test and all good. Very rarely do i have to use an auger on a residential toilet.

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An auger is used to either retrieve an item or dislodge an item stuck in the horn of the toilet. Learn how to use it properly to maximize its safety, reliability and ease of use. 95% of the time a couple of pushes and all is gone.

Afterwards, tilt the auger for easy entry. Position the auger in the toilet and gently twist and push the flexible cord through the toilet (approximately 3 feet). Inspect and make sure that the crank handle is securely attached.

Ditch your plungers, this bad boy has got all your toilet issues covered. It works by clearing the toilet through to its drain pipe behind or under it. Please note that the end of the guide tube must be in the drain to support the cable.

Quick lock adjustment to extend the cable 6’ (1.83 m) and clear beyond the toilet. I rinsed it off with a hose in the street and let it dry in the sun so it would not rust. Do this for about 5 minutes, then dry the auger completely to prevent rusting.

Once you are sure that the auger is positioned in alignment with the drain, you need to push the cable through the toilet while turning it clockwise. As your rotate your auger, it cleans up the insides of your pipes. Generally, it is about 3 feet long.

Dual powered operation to break through the toughest toilet clogs. Unless you really want it back. A snake is a straight piece of plastic that goes into your toilet bowl and can remove very basic clogs.

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Zinc plated steel tubing to resist corrosion. This may sound like a stupid question, but how do plumbers clean these after using? A plunger is used to help push it along.

Once you find that you can no longer turn the auger. Our technique for getting a toilet auger to go into your toilet pipe is easy to follow. It may also be used with other appropriately sized drains, such as floor or shower drains.

We recommend you rotate as much as you like while unplugging your toilet.

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