How To Tie A Wrap Dress Knot

Bring the ties back around to the front of the dress. Wrap the end around your waist and cross them in the front above your other hip.

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From a fashion standpoint, a nicely tied knot can add a unique decorative element and special touch to a dress, kimono, or other attire.

How to tie a wrap dress knot. Bring it up and over the neck loop (where the tie rests around your neck close to the collar of your shirt) and then across to the left. Bring it across the front of the tie to the right, making sure to use your fingers to help keep the knot open. Be careful to keep the sides straight as you do this.

Can’t wait to see you rocking this trend in all fabrics and colours. Finally, bring the straps around the back of the dress again and tie it into a knot or a bow as desired. Adjust the knot by pulling on the upper parts of the knot and then pulling it tight again.

To tie a simple and tight knot, hold the cord with both hands then pass the working end over the rope’s center, and hold it well in place with your fingers to create a loop. Once the obi has been wrapped around the waist, allow the two ends of the sash to cross one another. Simple instructions for a basic obi knot:

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You can tie it on the side or tie it in the front to create two different looks. Then pass the other working end through the loop and finally pull both ends in opposite directions to close the loop and make a strong knot. More knotty stuff on my blog:

Do this until you are happy with the length of your tie and the size/look of your knot. Next, pull both straps behind your back, then tie. Take the end that is on top and push it under and over the bottom sash to tie a knot.

Next, with the remaining length of the straps, cross and twist the fabric in the back and wrap it around the front of the dress and your waist like a belt. Now the ties should be in opposite hands. How to tie a pratt knot.

When you tie the ends together you will create an asymmetrical hem that’s slightly open on one side. Tighten and adjust the knot by pulling it tighter around your neck. If you prefer more coverage, wrap it flat around your waist and overlap the fabric.

Stand in front of the mirror, take the reverse side of the tie and wrap it round your neck under your shirt collar. Tie so that one end is up through the belt and. For an alternate look if the tie is long enough, you can wrap it.

Wrap the fabric around the ball and pull the end piece through the middle. As an optional step, if the end piece is long enough, you can fold it under the knot so it doesn’t show. Begin with wrapping the obi around your waist twice.

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Put the blouse on and tie the straps in front of your chest using a single knot. Place the center of the sash on your side, at the waist, above one of your hips. Drape the tie around your neck, keeping the wide end approximately 12 inches longer than the narrow end.

If this knot is new to you then keep the top button done up, as this will give you a better view of what you are doing. Wrap 1 of the straps around the knot once to hide it. The wide end should be on the side of your dominant hand.

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