How To Snake A Drain Pipe

Drain snakes are one of the best ways to unclog toilets or clear drain blockages, but they need help sometimes. Once inserted into the drain, you rotate the handle to extend the coil.

The Best Drain Snakes For Unclogging Pipes Drain Cleaner Stopped Up Toilet Drain

How to use a sewer snake to unplug a clogged drain pipe.

How to snake a drain pipe. Simply insert the head of the snake into the drain after you have removed all visible blockages. Keep repositioning the grip as you feed the snake into the drain. 4 if possible, pull the blockage out through the pipe.

Most drain snakes are around 50 feet long. Boil some water and pour it down your drain to make the job easier for your snake. Confirm this by running water down the drain.

You may also want to keep cold water running while you do this to encourage movement. It is actually relatively easy to work a drain snake too. By hand, extend the cable and push it into the drain pipe.

Push gently and slowly, and if the auger is the right one for the job, it. Unclogging drains with a drain snake. You can go through the below steps to understand how to use a drain snake:

Turn the crank at intervals of every 12 feet or so or until you feel a block. Then you will uncoil the snake using its handle and extend it down further into the drain. Once these are removed, insert the drain snake into.

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Once the snake is at least a few inches down your drain and you can feel resistance, gently crank the snake handle. Snaking a drain involves twisting a plastic or wire coil into the clog and either pulling the obstruction out or breaking it up so that it flows down the drain. If you try to force it, it can bend back on itself and actually come out of the drain.

3 push forward again to grind away and, eventually, drive the auger through the clog. Now is time to rewind the drain snake back up the pipe. Feed snake into opening and crank as you go.

There are many drain snakes on the market. You do this by sliding the auger end of the device into the blocked drain. Some come with cranks and other features, but the drain snake is essentially a slender and flexible auger about ½ inch in diameter.

Loosen the screw to your drain snake's or auger's cable housing. Once the handle doesn’t feel any resistance and the water is flowing normally again, the drain is free. This will turn the tip of the snake and cause it to snare whatever.

Turn the crank as you are pulling in and out. 2 when you feel the auger reach the blockage, keep turning and pull back a bit to chew away and dislodge the clog. Making sure to lock the snake in position, pull the snake in and out of the drain at each interval as well.

Before we get to the unclogging process, let’s review the drain snake. There are a wide variety of sizes and features available for drain augers. These drain snakes usually have some type of claw or hook on the end to help grab the blockage.

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Use your hand to carefully insert the head of the cable into the drain and through the pipe. This means they are effective in pretty much any drain. Loosen the thumbscrew on the drum of the drain snake.

Plumber’s snakes work by breaking through blockages. Keep pushing the drain snake when it seems to go down in the drainpipe and wait till you feel the drain is resisting the clog. Get access to the drain by removing the overflow assembly or stopper.

The proper way to use a snake is to insert the head into the drain and push very slowly without cranking. Stop when you reach an obstruction.

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