How To Play Flute Recorder

It uses keys to press down felt pads to cover the holes. Your breath makes the recorder sound.

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Learning recorder has never been so easy!

How to play flute recorder. Use up/down arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. I said earlier that the recorder is an easy instrument to start playing. To play a recorder, gently hold the mouthpiece between your lips without letting your teeth touch it, and balance the recorder with your fingers.

It is best to practice each note until you master it as this will allow you to place your fingers in the proper spots with good control. The recorder, or alternatively known as the 'wooden flute', is an excellent choice for a first instrument because it is possible to learn the fingering and start making music with little difficulty. Learn how to play the recorder notes with a fun musical video game!

Your left hand thumb covers the back thumbhole and the first three holes with the pointer, middle, and ring fingers. Many beginner songs are available online so you. Follow the little pirates susana and oratio to dive into the world of music with flute master recorder learning app.

Let’s go to the last note, if you get these three notes you can play your first song in flute ! * when there are alternate fingerings, you can see them by clicking on alternate fingerings. In this first video of her new flute lessons series, erin teaches you how to play the flute quietly with a very interesting and unique tool.

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Playing f# on the standard baroque soprano recorder uses two hands with the left on top. The soprano recorder is short enough for all fingers to reach easily, so all you use is your fingers to cover the holes. Is the recorder easy to learn?

How to play the flute fingering diagrams for the flute try and touch the written notes for the notes you want to play! Starting from 13.99€ / one time purchase. Let’s face it, the flute has a much larger range than the recorder, can be played with much more dynamics, control of tone, etc.

As you can see in this fingering chart you can clearly see each note with its fingering and all the fingers you have to put in. Put your pointer finger on the next uncovered hole and blow. And in addition to it being a cheap way to start, you can easily use flute music as recorder music.

First you will need to learn how to read musical notes and then you can start playing. Try playing while breathing slowly, with the body relaxed. * click on any note on the score to see its fingering.

The longer flutes have a lower sound, the shorter ones have a higher sound. The player’s breath is directed through the narrow channel in the mouthpiece of the recorder and across a small opening, creating a vibration. Index finger covers the first hole;

Or choose another option here. The ability to really sing with an instrument is what i miss most when playing the recorder. Can you play flute music on recorder?

3 ways to improve quiet playing on flute. Middle finger covers the second hole; For this reason, the recorder is sometimes called the “straight flute”.

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In addition, it is ordered in the order of the major scale upwards so that you can play the c major scale correctly. Put your right thumb behind the recorder and let your left pinky hang off the recorder. In fact, the recorder is sometimes referred to as a fipple flute (meaning, a flute that is played by blowing air into the instrument).

How do you play f# on the recorder? Simply press the piano key to hear the recorder sound and see the fingering. Likewise for any wind instruments, of course, however breath for the recorder is uniquely different.

Ring finger covers the third hole; Instruments like flute, trumpet, saxophone have an embouchure, a particular mouth shape needed to play the instrument. Hold the recorder with your left hand covering these holes:

Thumb covers the spokesperson hole But it is surprisingly difficult to play well. If the f is too high, check all the fingers.

You can choose one of the 10 different types of recorder from the octocontrabass recorder to the garklein recorder and. Played by holding the instrument frontally between the lips, unlike the transverse flute which is held horizontally. Your left hand should be on top, and the back side.

With your hands sideways, a greater length, and more holes, the flute needs help covering the holes. Videos you watch may be added to the tv's watch history and influence tv. About press copyright contact us creators advertise developers terms privacy policy & safety how youtube works test new features press copyright contact us creators.

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If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. All recorder music, good and bad, comes from blown air. There are recorder of different lengths:

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