How To Make Fufu With Plantain

Fufu is made from either boiled green plantains, rice, cornmeal, corn, yams or sweet or white potatoes. Thus, it's customary to eat fufu with clean hands as this is finger food in the truest sense of the term.

How To Prepare Plantain Potato Fufu Step By Step Potatoes Plantain Fufu Recipe – Youtube

Test by crushing with a spoon.

How to make fufu with plantain. #howtomakefufu #howtomakeplantainfufu #africanfufu #fufuflourwelcome to my channel. Place the raw fufu in a pot then run through it with your hands to dissolve any excess lumps. Unripe plantains which are such great substitutes for rice and potatoes for people who are diabetic or who are just looking to lose a bit of weight, are a great source of potassium and potassium helps combat the effects of sodium, thus making plantain an excellent blood pressure regulating food.

Place on medium high heat then cover and let it rest for two minutes. Continue stirring until the consistency is thick and dense. Pour sliced plantain and water into a blender.

Thanks for watching and don't forge. Dominican’s make a very similar dish called mangu, and in puerto rico they make mofongo. Begin mixing and stirring your plantains until it begins to thicken.

You'll also need a large saucepan, a knife, a bowl, and a ladle or small bowl. How to make unripe plantain fufu. After putting both water and plantain to the blender, blend the plantain to the smoothest texture that you can get.

As the plantains cook you will notice the change in color if it’s too “hard” add a small quantity of water and stir until it’s fully cooked. You can eat this with any kinda soap tooo Foofoo will only have a deep fermented smell if the cassava is left to ferment before making it into fufu.

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Pour the mixture into a saucepan over medium heat. Add 1 cup of water and blend until smooth. Wash the plantain very well before cutting.

This meal is really easy to prepare. It only serves in making the plantain fufu slightly darker, almost the. Cut into big lumps and peel the skin off.

1) freeze the unripe plantain for 2 days, take out from the freezer and leave to thaw. Add a quarter cup of water and mix to form a paste. The plantains help cut down the stretchiness of the fufu and add a hint of plantain flavor.

How to make cassava & plantain pounding, no microwave, no more fufu powder. Begin stirring with a wooden spoon, mixing hard enough to dissolve the lumps that form as it cooks. Just follow my steps and you'll be making your swallow pe.

Pour into a pot and cook until it is soft. How to make cassava & plantain pounding, no microwave, no more fufu powder.taste so fresh! In fact, it is recommended as a health food for diabetes and also helps to improve general body wellness.

Fufu is made by mashing starchy foods such as potatoes, yams, cassava, plantains. Plantain fufu is a healthy nigerian meal made with unripe plantains also known as plantain swallow or plantain amala. Hope you find this video interesting.

In this video, i'm showing step by step how to make the perfect amala and plantain fufu, no lumps. Gone are the days when we are restricted to swallows like pounded yam, eba, akpu, amala and the like. Some call it plantain amala simply because of the resemblances in color and texture with amala.

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Delicious dish made from green plantains, known in cuba as fufu de platano. By pulling off a pinch of dough about the size of a quarter, rolling it into a ball in your hand, and then making an indentation in the ball with your thumb, you can then scoop up some stew or sauce and enjoy the whole bite.

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