How To Gut A Deer Hanging Head Up

Working toward the deer’s head, slide your knife blade underneath the rib cage on one side or the other of the sternum. The tenderstretch method is done by placing a hook beneath the pelvic hip bone or below the ligament passing along the backside.

This Side Up Whats The Best Way To Hang A Deer

Some hunters prefer to hang their deer by the achilles tendons with the head down, but generally, the steps are the same.

How to gut a deer hanging head up. Head up or head down? Take your knife and, with the blade facing upwards (towards you, away from the guts), insert it into this hole, using your free hand to keep the skin (and knife) pulled taut, away from the guts. Once there, use a bone saw to remove the head.

Continue slicing toward the rear hams maintaining the midway line down the deer’s brisket. But when it comes to hanging the deer to cool and age the meat, head down may be the better option. Last time we hung them head up had a critter eat the ass end out of my deer over night.

I prop the read quarters open to cool down. Most hunters will put up with a little extra digging around in a chest cavity to save their back. So, why is this method superior?

Next, slice the hide up toward the front shoulder approximately midway on the shoulder blade. Make sure not to fold or roll up the cape as this can cause the cape to lose hair and become unusable. T hese deer processing steps will help guide you through handling your next whitetail trophy more efficiently and.

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Out west—where it’s common to pack out meat great distances—some hunters argue it’s easier to butcher a deer if it’s hung by its head. He makes a good point about the gambrel. You also want to get the hide off the deer as quickly as possible, because fur is an insulator.

Wrap a towel around the deer's ears, face and nose and then place a heavy plastic bag over the deer head. I always drag a deer by the head or neck, and when it gets home i hang it that way to drain the carcass chest cavity and shed the ticks. Deer processing 101 involves how to gut a deer, how to skin a deer, aging deer meat and finally butchering up your m eat so it is ready for the table.

Continue skinning until you get to the base of your animal’s head. Whenever i get to cutting the hams off the pelvis, things get tricky when i use a gambrel — and i almost always use a gambrel. Which is the best way to hang your deer?

Put the deer head and cape into the freezer if you can't take the deer to the taxidermist immediately. Hanging head up makes removing the stomach, intestines, and bladder a bit easier, and is less likely to contaminate the meat when this is done. Skinning a deer really takes its own step by step tutorial.

Within 24 hours l flip it over and put it on the gambrel to and skin and process. Do this by making an incision from your deer’s inner leg near its shin until you get to the previously removed skin. At this point, some hunters like to rinse the deer with water.

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With the hide removed, the meat will cool more rapidly. Using one of those cheap spreader bars now also. You can also use a reciprocating saw or a hacksaw.

Then take a piece of wood or other object and pry it into the cavity to open it and keep it open. But the ease of cleaning it while hanging is usually weighed against dragging out a deer filled with guts, and comes out the loser almost every time. Cut through all the ribs using a prying motion with your blade.

He also thinks it’s easier to skin a deer with its head up, and he tells us why, as well as how the quartering or dismembering can go more smoothly. The diaphragm is a thin, flat (but tough) muscle that separates the heart / lung area from the stomach area. Field dress/gut a deer that is hanging head down with minimal blood or mess.

Cut a ring around each of the front legs at the knee joint, then make a cut following the cowlick of hair up the leg to the armpit and continue the cut on an angle that joins with the cut you made when gutting the deer. The ideal way to hang your ungulate for aging is using a technique called the tenderstretch method. It amazes me that people hang any animal by the head, leaving the biggest portions of meat in reach of the wild critters.

Once the deer is hung, take a saw — preferably a hack saw — and cut through the deer’s ribs. I suppose this has some logic, considering you can remove all four quarters and.

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