How To Drink Bourbon For Beginners

Smell the bourbon first and allow yourself to recognize the aromas going on throughout the drink. “it’s an authentic bourbon with excellent flavor.

How To Drink Bourbon A Beginners Guide Boulevardier Cocktail Bourbon Cocktail Recipe Boulevardier Cocktail Recipe

Keep in mind that straight bourbon isn’t meant to be chugged like a cocktail.

How to drink bourbon for beginners. How to drink bourbon for beginners if you’re not sure how to drink bourbon for the first time, you’re in luck. Of tears to the glass. Wild turkey 101—86 points, $25 the “kickin’ chicken” is a bourbon that many people may have tried way back before they had any aspirations of appreciating whiskey.

Knowing about and appreciating both characteristics are an important first step in your bourbon education. Start your education with these whiskeys. Though many would like you to believe that whiskey should always be sipped neat with nary a.

Instead, this beverage is meant to be savored. Start by looking at the bourbon once you’ve picked a bourbon (or two) to taste, pour some into a glass. Add ice and shake again.

From there, take a sip and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds. Many argue this is the proper way to drink bourbon because it’s the best way to taste and appreciate the bold, aromatic, smoky flavors created during the prod uction process. “old forester must be the best bang for your buck, so if it turns out bourbon is not your thing it’s no big deal,” says chris keller, bartender at osaka ramen in denver.

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Bourbon is a great whiskey to get stuck into as a beginner, and lucky for you, we’ve picked out 8 bourbons we think are perfect for falling in love with this spirit. Simply enjoy the flavor and the feel of the bourbon before swallowing it. For beginners, this may be a challenge at first but persevere.

Glencairns were designed for tasting scotch and are excellent for tasting bourbon, but the same technique applies if you’re tasting from a shot glass. The mash bill has a high rye content (27%), so spicy notes dominate the palate. The following are good options at various price points.

When it comes to drinking bourbon, there are no rules. This is 100% proof bourbon, so a splash or a bit of ice makes a big difference. Before you take a sip, look at the bourbon.

Grab a couple of bourbons that you are interested in trying, get a shot glass, and get ready to taste! For beginners, we like to recommend smoother bourbons than some of the more robust bourbons out there. Get your glass ready for a taste of the smoothest bourbons to drink straight for beginners.

In a shaker tin, add all ingredients except for ice. Neat means bourbon at room temperature. Just bourbon in a glass.

There’s no need to swish and spit; The most popular glasses to sip bourbon from are glencairn glasses, but at tastings and liquor stores you’ll likely be sipping out of a small shot glass. Pour the bourbon into the glass and give it.

The 4 main ways to drink bourbon 1. Bulleit bourbon flavour is king in this bourbon with its notes of vanilla, orange and subtle winter spices, and even better, you won’t be paying the earth for it either. Take a small sip after inhaling some of the scents.

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