How To Draw An Octopus Easy Step By Step

Use short strokes to draw muscle lines that protrude through the garment. Use two short curved strokes to draw the lines of the glove.

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Start the with the head shape.

How to draw an octopus easy step by step. Erase line, add eyes and bumps on head. Octopuses are highly intelligent, probably the most intelligent of all invertebrates (animals without a backbone). Add circles on the legs and in the water.

Add the first of the tentacles. A step by step drawing tutorial for drawing an octopus. How to draw an octopus:

This one is perfect for both kids and kids at heart (older begin. How to draw an octopus. Draw the octopus’s eyes and suction cups on tentacles.

Then i add an oblong shape where the eyes are located. With the sketch done, it is time to outline the octopus drawing. I draw a slightly curved core line;

Join the curve and draw another “v” curve. Would you like to draw your own octopus? Here comes the first pair of octopus tentacles.

Many species such as common octopus can grow to about 1 meter (about 3 ft) long. Next, add the octopus’ first tentacle by drawing a smooth lines. How to draw an octopus with a graphite pencil step 1.

Draw the eyes and another tentacle. First, we need to take a clean white paper. Draw guidelines for the tentacles in different directions, also mark 2 lines for the further guidelines to draw eyes.

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Step 2 completing the circle. Today we will learn how to draw an octopus. This adds another tutorial to our growing sea animals collection along with the shark , whale , dolphin , sea turtle , seahorse and all the fish.

A simple circle and its two axes are the first simple step towards a cartoon octopus. Step 1 draw a circle. Add a circle and a “c” curve.

In this step we draw doc ock’s legs. Draw 2 circles, a “y” curve and a “v” curve. It will help us to mark the positioning of the figure.

Draw the outline of the head. Draw two legs in the space on the right. Okay lets start this first by drawing out the circle shape for the top of the bulb like head and then add the shape of the bottom of the head.

Similarly draw that curve on the left side ( we are close to complete cute octopus drawing ). If there is any stain on the drawing page then it is better not to draw the picture on that page. Draw a third leg in the middle.

Draw mouth and a curve. Draw the octopus’ first tentacle. Continue from the end of the bracket shape and draw the first tentacle.

When finished the head should come out looking like a light bulb. Remember, if the first attempt doesn’t feel right, just flow back over the lines and repeat until you gradually build up and define the shape you want. You will need only a sheet of paper, a pencil, and a good eraser.

Learn how to draw an octopus in this super cute & easy to follow step by step drawing tutorial.if you enjoy this video please give it a thumbs up, share it w. Keep the margins very carefully. According to this foreshortening, one side of the octopus is more visible to the viewer than another.

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Add some folds to the area of the armpits. You may also wish to have markers, crayons, colored pencils, or paints on hand, as many of these creatures are brightly colored. To begin your octopus we will start with the mantle of the octopus, draw a pointed oval as depicted below with a curve below the upper line.

Step by step easy drawing tutorial on how to draw a cute octopus. Which of the margins will be 90°. It looks like the head of a balloon!

I outline the rough shape of the head. Outline the drawing step by step step 1: The opposite side of the margin will be parallel.

The hat like shape that now appeared on the octopus is characteristic to the octopus and squid`s shape. ️ subscribe for more drawing fun! Draw two more legs in the background.

Then pull the margin by dropping half an inch around the paper. Add another leg in the space on the left.

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