How To Draw A Snowflake In Illustrator

Draw a hexagon on a piece of paper. The 45 lines should be copied.

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Drag and drop it to the symbols panel.

How to draw a snowflake in illustrator. The techniques we use to create this illustration are fairly basic, but we cover alot of ground here, and therefore the level of detail of the tutorial will. Reflection point art on the right and bottom of whatever you draw. These lines will form the central shaft of the snowflake.

How to draw a snowflake step 1. In the window that appears choose 60° (360/6) in case you want to have a snowflake with 6 parts, or 72° in case you prefer 5 parts (360/5). For the time being, hide your snowflake design in the layers panel.

Draw some more snowflakes on the second layer, and finally, to add some motion to the image, go to filter > blur > motion blur and use the. The lines should be distributed vertically. The last thing you need to do is draw a circle with the ellipse tool (l) in the center of your snowflake.

Then hit cmd/ctrl + d until the snowflake is complete. The two lines should be duplicated, so you get four. Do this twice for each shape.

In order to expand the effect applied, select expand appearance from the object menu. First turn on the rulers by pressing ctrl/command+r. Outline the body of the snowflake.

A hexagon has 6 sides that are all the same length. Now click the copy button so you keep the original object. The bigger you make the hexagon, the bigger your snowflake will be.

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At 45 below, draw another line. Select polygon tool and click the intersection point while holding alt/option+shift to draw a hexagon. Anything you draw will be reflected horizontally to the right and then both left and right will be reflected vertically down.

Repeat step 4 with the other two symbols to create a lot of different snowflakes. Draw a vertical line in adobe illustrator to create a snowflake. Draw a line from each corner of the hexagon to the corner across from it.

Give it a thick stroke and set the fill to none. The basic construction is ready, so we can now build on it to create a beautiful snowflake. Draw another set of long, straight, parallel lines, crossing the first at a diagonal angle.

Begin by drawing two long, straight, vertical lines, running parallel to one another. Drag the symbol sprayer tool across the image, creating as many snowflakes as you want. A 45 angle is the ideal drawing distance for a second line.

Feel free to add some details here. On the symbol options set the name of the symbol, “snowflakes”, and set the type to “graphic”. These are the settings that i've used for the transform effect:

This time make sure your circle has a fill and not a stroke. Copy rotate the object at 60° for 6 parts, at 72° for 5 parts. Use a ruler to draw the hexagon so the lines are straight and even.

Now, grab the snowflake then go to effect > distort & transform and apply the transform effect to get a few snowflakes in a row. Change the fill color of the snowflake design to a light cream. Drag the resulting group of snowflakes into the symbols panel to save it.

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Select the first snowflake symbol from the symbol panel. Create the snowflake’s bottom segment using a copy of the one that we’ve just finished working on, which we will horizontally reflect (right click > transform > reflect > horizontal) and then position on the opposite edge of the active drawing area. Once you're done, select each shape with the symbols and go to object > expand.

So art will shift as you create more distant edges. This will be the middle point of the snowflake. Create a snowflake (in this case it’s enough to create a small circle with the ellipse tool).

You can put a new sheet of paper over the guide lines to create a clean drawing, or just take a darker tool to create the final lines. Next drag out 2 lines from the rulers to form an intersection. Draw a square with the rectangle tool (m) and place it behind the snowflake.

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