How To Comfort Someone Who Is Sad

A primer on depression depression. By the way, we are not going.

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Then give them an actual hug if possible, and if not, let them truly know with absolute certainty that you wish you could make them feel better.

How to comfort someone who is sad. In short, do what a hug does. You can let them know you are there for them, even if you are not present. Let the person know that you are there for them.

Your presence goes a long way. Let them explain their worries to you (if they want to; If they’re someone you hug regularly, then give them an embrace.

If you want to comfort a friend or loved one who has depression but you feel stuck, consider using these words of encouragement to connect with and support them. I feel and understand your sadness. What you say won’t fix the loss for them, but you can still be a good friend through text.

Approach them reasonably and with a clear mind. To comfort an unhappy friend, it might be better to tell him or her that you would be sad, too, if you were going through what they are. The gestures you make should generally match whatever you give the person on a normal basis.

If applicable, you can also try to empathize with the person by offering a similar situation that you’ve been in where you felt the same as them. If you’re intimate partners, offer a snuggle. First, ask yourself how this person would want to receive comfort,.

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If someone you care about is ill or injured, here's how to comfort someone over text: Some people are so much into themselves that even if they see someone in pain or sad, they just ignore them. Some days are just bad days, that’s all.

You may not know what it’s like to experience loss personally, but you can use empathy skills to try and relate. Make the conversation be about them. In your own words, and in your own way, say:

One of the kindest ways to aid someone when they are sad is to be with them, tirado explains. Letting the person know that you recognize you can’t ‘fix’ things for them, but that you understand, is often enough. The following statements might not feel comforting to someone with a broken heart—either because they’re aggressively positive/cheerful (which hurts), or aggressively cruel/critical of their ex (which hurts, too), full of pressure (“hurry up and stop feeling sad”), dismissive (“get over it, things could be much worse”) or just don.

You're doing a great job with a major responsibility. Be compassionate, but don’t get drowned within their sadness. If your current goal is to comfort a sad friend, relative or other dear person, you mustn’t burden them with other worries.

You have to experience sadness to know happiness, and i remind myself that not every day is going to be a good day, that’s just the way it is! Deep encouraging words for someone with depression. “i also felt sad/upset/angry/ when [the situation] happened to me.”

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I’m here to support you and hold you up. A lot of times, people want someone who will listen to them. If you’ve never hugged the person you’re comforting, then don’t go beyond putting a hand on their shoulder, or an arm around it.

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