How To Clean Baseboards Without Bending Over

Now, let’s see how you can clean floor molding with a duster. Next, fold over the cloth to cover the broom, and take two elastic bands to secure around the cloth onto the broom.

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When the sponge is dirty, rinse it, wring it out, and clean some more.

How to clean baseboards without bending over. If you don’t want to carry a heavy bucket of water around to use with your mop, then use a cleaning spray instead. How do you clean baseboards without bending them? Another way to clean stair baseboards act like you are crawling up the stair without bending your back and wipe the baseboards off with a microfiber cloth, rag or whatever you might have.

Just add water with a few drops of dish soap to a dollar store spray bottle. Over time the color of the baseboard will start to change and it won’t look that white again, you can spray some hydrogen peroxide on the baseboard and use the broom with the microfiber cloth and wipe it down, make sure to use a clean microfiber cloth to do so. Plug in the vacuum cleaner.

(watch the tiktok video above to see exactly how this hack works.) easy and effective. Connect the attachment hose on the vacuum cleaner. Although one of the best ways to clean baseboards, this method should be carried out carefully.

No longer will you have to get on your. You can now easily use this new diy cleaning tool to clean your baseboards without having to bend your back. Use a large rubber band to attach a microfiber cloth over the head of your broom.

Using a vacuum cleaner, swiffer broom, mop, or a makeshift device is an excellent way to get those baseboards clean! You can also use the same tools to clean your baseboards. There are several ways to clean a baseboard without you bending over, this is where you’ll find them.

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A microfiber cloth will trap the dust better and save you time. Image by pov tips&tricks via youtube. It will help to catch all the dust in an easy way.

Secondly, how do you clean baseboards with a bad back? The easiest way to clean your baseboards without kneeling is by using a duster with an extendable handle followed by a mop. How do you clean baseboards with dryer sheets?

To get better results, use a dusting spray to help remove even more dirt and dust. This is particularly effective if your vacuum is an upright model or with a long attachment. The best way to clean dust from a skirting board without having to bend over and pick it up with your hands is to use a vacuum cleaner instead.

Spray on the baseboard and mop it off with this microfiber mop. This works extremely well for cleaning your baseboards and ceiling. How do you clean baseboards with a bad back or without bending over?

Scrubbing grimy baseboards without bending over or getting on your knees is a bit harder, though. Best ways to clean the baseboard. The ledge formed at the top of the sponge allows you to clean the top of the baseboard and the face of the baseboard in one pass.

For cleaning all the dust properly, you can use an upholstery brush. It can help you to not bend over when you will clean the baseboards. First, lay down your microfiber cloth flat and place the broom on top.

Swipe the used dryer sheet over dusty baseboards. Using the upholstery attachment brush that comes with your standard vacuum, you can brush the baseboards to loosen and then capture filth and dust. Alternatively, you may do this after vacuuming the floor.

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Firstly, using a vacuum cleaner with a wand attachment. This technique allows you to clean the baseboards without squatting or bending down. And for avoiding the bending over, you need to take that vacuum cleaner that has a long wand.

With the long wand attachment, you can remain standing up and then vacuum your. Let me show you in 2 steps how to clean your baseboards without kneeling! Cleaning baseboards without bending over can be carried out easily.

You can now clean your baseboard without bending over. Moreover, provided you’ve got the right tools for. It’s an amazing cleaning tool you can easily manipulate and clean baseboards without squatting or bending over.

Clean baseboards without bending over tip #4: That’s why it will be helpful for you too. When a bad back is a concern, you can extend your reach in another way.

Simply dampen the sponge, wring it out, and clean your baseboards as fast as you walk (see photos 3 & 4). You can accomplish that by sweeping dirt and dust with a broom. Mr clean magic eraser is well known.

You can use your hairbrush or a toilet brush by covering it with a cloth piece. Best ways to clean baseboards 1. How to clean baseboard without bending over?

If your trims are not grimy, they probably just need a dusting. A mopboard duster will undertake that task extremely well. This will remove dust and get your baseboards looking clean.

If the surface isn’t too grimy, you just need to dust them off. Then, it’s ready to sweep across the baseboards. A cotton wring mop may work better than a rectangular one in removing dirt from the grooves in the baseboards, but a rectangular one will still work in a pinch.

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Grab yourself a duster with an extendable handle.

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