How Do You Make A Narcissist Miserable

If you make it more than clear that you know what their game is and that you’re not falling for it, you’ll notice how defensive they get. Learning how to make a narcissist miserable is easy if you make them face up to their failures.

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It could take some time but eventually your life will be turned upside down and your stress levels will increase and your.

How do you make a narcissist miserable. A narcissist is a master manipulator. The best way to make a narcissist miserable is by taking away these things from them. How do you protect yourself and stand up for your right to live the life you want?

But it’s good to know what tactics and behaviors scare a narcissist and are likely to get them riled up or ruin their day (and maybe yours). That’s why even negative attention rarely fazes them. Being overly critical, hurting you on purpose, making fun of other people and being disrespectful are all reflections of emotional turmoil that the narcissist is going through.

You can easily make a narcissist miss you by making him feel certain emotions. How to make a narcissist miserable: Shrugging off the praise, as if it doesn’t matter to them.

Now that we’re clear on what makes a narcissist angry, let’s move on to the best ways to make them miserable when they’re up to their old tricks. You can easily manipulate a narcissist or any other person if you managed to induce certain emotions in them. This is one of the best ways to learn how to distress a narcissist because you’re creating challenges they don’t know how to overcome.

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Make it very clear that you’re not falling for their act. The human mind can be easily manipulated using emotions. You have to set boundaries and stick to them in order to be around the narcissist.

Criticizing you or your taste (making it seem like you’re acting crazy). People take actions based on what emotions they are feeling. Trying to take credit for that person’s success.

A narcissist who tries to hurt you is a person who is suffering from a big emotional problem that leaks in form of abusive behaviour. Setting a hard limit makes the narcissist miserable because they wanted immediate gratification, all their relationships are based on gratifying themselves at the expense of their partner, so when you set a limit you are saying that that narcissist can’t gratify themselves at your expense and they really wanted to, making them upset, because they can’t do exactly what they wanted. Getting angry and telling you that you should be.

We’re not saying this should be your ultimate goal in life. Getting too close to a narcissist, particularly if you marry one or are one of his/her children, can cause you to become ill—psychologically, emotionally or physically.

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