Hay Bale Storage Ideas

Various options exist for storing hay bales, whether they are small squares, large squares or round bales. Heavy duty corner braces on corner ribs and rugged ratchet tite tensioningenables quick cover installation.

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With all that going on we needed somewhere to put all of our hay.

Hay bale storage ideas. Leave a few inches of space between each bale to prevent them from packing too tightly. We recently decided to transform the barn into a small creamery/classroom space/milking parlor. Land, labor, seed, fuel, fertilizer and equipment.

Stack the first layer so that the long ends of the bales face up. Stop all air movement around the hay. Appearance is important in this market, so protecting the hay from sun bleaching is important as well.

They can be installed in a matter of days on any surface and are considerably less expensive than a wooden or metal building. Good thing he knows what he's doing. “the size of bales produced will influence the necessary dimensions of the barn,” hayes noted.

Disassemble stacked hay bales to promote air circulation to cool the hay. Helps to keep it dry and the horses love it. Bale size is usually not more than 40 to 50 pounds in order to make it easy to handle.

Be aware that hay could burst into flames. Placing bales in a sunny area helps to keep them drier than if they are stored under a shade tree. For every 10 tons stored, 600 pounds of.

Between layers of the small square bales, throw some pickling salt over it. When you stack hay, alternate the orientation of the bales. This works well until the kids decide to jump into the hay, and the cats still manage to find their way under the tarp.

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Densely packed bales are also more stable when stacked. Minimize dry matter loss by storing your hay on the best well drained surface available to reduce moisture absorption into the underside of the bales. I'd like to drive up to production acres and buy several tons of alfalfa horse hay but i need to come up with a good cheap place to put all that hay.i'm in the deep south.

Our hay storage buildings are ideal for storing hay and grain. Alert fire services to the possible hay fire incident. Storing your hay supply in dry, well ventilated conditions means that you'll save yourself money by not having to contend with hay loss as a result of moisture and inclement weather conditions.

With the assistance of the fire service, remove hot hay. If you decide to bale hay in large bales, wrap them with net wrap or plastic twine to reduce bale sag and help maintain bale shape. Hay stored unprotected will be damaged by rain, snow, wind, and ice during fall and winter.

Store bales so runoff passes between rows of bales (up and down hill) instead of at the bales (on the contour). With a tarp on top it stayed clean, and i can carry out serving sizes in a five gallon bucket. Hot spots or fire pockets are likely.

Storing these bales presents a different set of challenges than storing large round bales. As a general rule, she suggested that square bales will need a footprint of 10 to 15 square feet for every ton of hay, and for round bales, 16. I was wondering if you all know any cheap storage solutions to keep hay?

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The old milking barn was our hay and lumber storage. The way you store your hay after baling can have a large impact on hay quality and quantity. Easy slide cross rail system lock down and square up frames and bolt hardware for every connection point.

Elevating bales from contact with the soil surface is optimum but not necessarily practical in most operations. You can salt your hay as well. However, researchers have found that bales can lose as much as 30% or 40% of their dry matter after just six months when stored this way.

Production of baled hay uses a large amount of your resources: As much as 12 inches of the bottom of the bale can be lost through the wicking action. 3 ways of storing hay bales on a city lot.

Unprotected bales should not be stacked as this prevents water from running away and it keeps the bales from drying out. See more ideas about round bale feeder, hay feeder, goat barn. Indoor storage is best (under roof), but for outdoor storage, single bale high (in a long row) seems to be the most consistent for retaining quality within bales.

The best way to store big rectangular bales is under cover with some kind of moisture protection beneath them. I used to keep it on my porch under a tarp but with 4 horses now instead of 1 that is not really an option. Haven't used much hay yet though, so it's too soon to tell if it makes a difference what kind of salt is used.

Twine should be snug and spaced 6 to 10 inches apart.

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